February 2017


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​After Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, EDF is going further in digital marketing by opening Snapchat @EDFofficiel, a new account targeting 18-25 year-olds, for whom more authentic and spontaneous marketing resonates more. The giant energy utility seeks to build long term bonds with millenials via the new account and is posting content about real life and daily energy consumption for the occasion. EDF has teamed up with Havas Paris and Havas Media/Socialyse to also launch les aventures d’Aymeric campaign (the adventures of Aymeric), featuring Eric Judor’s little cousin, who was the main character in the ElectRIC advertising saga. Throughout his move to new accommodation and all he learns about science and culture, Aymeric (amateur actor and snapper) is accompanied by his friends Buddy Bob and Juliette, who share his adventures on Snapchat. Eric Judor will make guest appearances to give him advice from time to time. Aymeric will also get to know a few talented snap-chatters such as Léa Camilieri and Studio Danielle.

We own a unique brand, backed by strong values; we are an institution in France, we have been in people’s lives for over 70 years," explains Julien Villeret, EDF corporate communications director. "Our challenge is to share our values with the generation who will soon have to choose an energy supplier. EDF has always been in line with the times and must continue to be an integral part of French life and culture”

Ayméric Judor is a spin-off from the ElectRIC advertising saga that focused on Eric Judor. We’ve got into real entertainment, producing bespoke content that resonates with the target audience to prompt engagement”, explains Christophe Coffre, Havas Paris Chief Creative Officer.

Filmed by smartphone and published every Monday and Friday, the top quality content also posted on FB is really sparking interest on-line. The first results are very encouraging in view of the volume of accounts opened (and fully completed), commitments and number of subscribers. The published films are viewed 3 times on average!

"This operation is a social laboratory for the brand." explains Aurélien Pernot,  EDF account partner. "The perfect tone backed by a pertinent media strategy has already put us in our public’s eye."

Adding EDF to young adults’ daily lives, illustrating how the brand can appeal to what they are looking for and communicating with them via these films rather than via offers and services underpins EDF’s new Snapchat approach.


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