January 2016


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Havas Group announces that Havas Paris and Havas 360 have officially merged to create the communications consultancy offering the most comprehensive service on the French market.

Havas Group announces that Havas Paris and Havas 360 have officially merged to create the communications consultancy offering the most comprehensive service on the French market. 

Ranked as one of the top communications consultancies in France and Europe, Havas Paris is backed by a 500-strong integrated team in Paris and five regional offices, EBITDA of €75 million and a client base comprising 300 brands and companies. 

Buoyed by sharp growth in 2015 following two years of sustained development, Havas Paris offers a full range of communications disciplines from corporate communications to in-store marketing. 

The new Havas Paris now has an expert digital team of 80 specialists and a reinforced 90-strong creative team covering all disciplines, while providing a more strategic service with 15 planners. The agency delivers innovative and out-of-the-box solutions for close to 300 brands and businesses and encompasses some 50 disciplines. The merger involves the new Havas Paris combining its HR, Content and Digital teams all working on a single platform underpinning the entire agency. 

Havas Paris is also pleased to announce the launch of Paris Shopper, an offer developed with Fullsix Retail based on the longstanding expertise of Havas 360, which consists of marketing communications and services, CRM and e-CRM, backed by improved PR, social media, in-house communications and sales force management services. 

The Havas Paris executive committee now includes Vincent Mayet (previously CEO of Havas 360), who is appointed joint CEO alongside Julien Carette, Fabrice Conrad and Benoît Viala, and also includes David Mingeon (previously deputy CEO of Havas 360), who is appointed Deputy CEO alongside Thierry Grouleaud. 

Yannick Bolloré said: "This merger represents a big step forward in the development of Havas Paris, which is a key and central Havas Group company in France and worldwide". 

Agathe Bousquet said: "This business combination is a natural progression for an agency that has always believed that corporate communications boost sales and that marketing should back up opinions. There will now be more of us to drive forward our strategy and come up with creative campaigns that convey the benefits of brands and how they contribute to society". 

Christophe Coffre said: "We have moved from a world where marketing and advertising used to be informative to a world where they must be entertaining. We profoundly believe that the future will belong to responsible companies underpinned by human values. Such companies will stand out from the crowd. Our role is to bring consumers closer to brands, and this is what fundamentally drives the creative force of the marketing campaigns produced by Havas Paris.

And to celebrate the new Havas Paris coinciding with the new year, staff from both merging agencies have produced an LP, "Paris, songs to listen to before, during and after making love",  which consists of 9 titles extolling Paris originally from Vanessa Paradis, Enrico Macias, Mickey 3D, Mireille Matthieu, Taxi Girl, Rif Cohen, Oxmo Puccino, Java…. sung by some thirty Havas Paris people. 

You can also listen to it on soundcloud 

Key figures for the new Havas Paris

- €75 million in 2016 EBITDA

- 6 French offices in France :

- 500 employees, including
90 creative staff covering all disciplines 
80 digital and social media experts 
15 strategic planners

- 300 clients 
Leading client brands: Carrefour, EDF, Orange, La Poste, Leboncoin.fr, Point P, Winamax, Michelin, La Foire Fouille, Veolia, LVMH, McDonald’s, RATP, Lenhing, Roche, Mercurochrome, Business France, LinkedIn, Interflora, etc.

- Q4 2015 new business
Interflora: business communications (consulting, ads, stores) and PR /ePR 
Autosphere: advertising, 
Monsieur Meuble: advertising and digital, 
Eco Emballages: corporate and marketing PR, 
French Tech: Event Management and PR, 
La France s’engage: consulting and comprehensive service 
Tinder : PR and ePR.

- 270 competitions a year 

- 60 awards in 2015 


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